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    Massachusetts business leaders to share health care reform insights Monday in Ann Arbor


    The Massachusetts state Capitol building in Boston.

    The Affordable Care Act is just around the corner for Michigan businesses, but are you ready? Health care reform will impact everyone, but especially local business, which not only will need to meet the new guidelines, but wish to provide the best health care options for their employees.

    In an effort to initiate discussion and inspire local business leaders to get involved, the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation (CHRT) will host “Massachusetts comes to Michigan: Lessons about Health Care Reform from Business Leaders.” The event will feature a panel of Bay State business leaders who will discuss how Massachusetts’ health care reform legislation of 2006 was enacted with strong support and involvement from businesses.

    The session will provide a forum for discussion where Michigan business leaders can:

    • Hear how Massachusetts business leaders were engaged in the health care reform legislation process
    • Learn about the impact health care reform laws may have on the state’s economic climate
    • Learn how it may be beneficial for Michigan’s business community to get involved

    The event will take place Monday, Feb. 11, from 4-5:30 p.m. at the University of Michigan’s Gerarld R. Ford School of Public Policy. It’s free to attend and no registration is required. For those unable to join in-person, the session will also be broadcast live via webcast.

    The panel of speakers includes Rick Lord, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts, and Michael Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. The panel will share their insights and perspectives on the issue, and there will be plenty of opportunity for conversation from both the live and remote audience.

    You can submit questions and comments on Twitter using the hashtag #CHRTtalks and follow @BCBSM for additional insights on health reform’s impact on Michigan.

    For more information about the event, visit chrt.org. For more information about how health reform affects you, visit bcbsm.com/healthreform.

    Photo by Nicholas Erwin

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    1. Mary Rokos says:

      Will all employers be required to have a healthcare plan for their employees esepicially since they do not carry it on them now? With Oboma Care?

      • David Lingholm says:

        Mary, the answer is no. Under national health care reform requirements, employers with fewer than 50 eligible employees do not have to provide insurance, but if they do they may be eligible for tax credits through SHOP marketplace (an online marketplace for small business). Employers with more than 50 eligible have to provide coverage and meet certain guidelines – or if they do not meet the requirements they will be assessed a financial penalty. Visit http://www.healthcarereformbasics.com for more information.

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