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    “Go Pink” at Michigan State University’s homecoming football game


    October 10, 2013

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    MSU Cheer CardsFor maybe the first time ever, Spartan Stadium’s dominant color won’t be green.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is partnering with Michigan State University to promote breast cancer awareness at the football team’s homecoming game against Indiana University this Saturday.  This event is part of the Blues’ three-month #kickcancer campaign.

    BCBSM has organized a number of activities to promote breast cancer awareness during the game, including distributing reversible “go green/go pink” and “go white/go pink” cheer cards to students and fans.  Fans will be prompted by the stadium’s video wall each quarter and encouraged to turn Spartan Stadium pink using the cheer cards.

    Blue Cross will staff two booths outside the stadium to provide #kickcancer prevention and early detection information for fans.  In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Blues will be encouraging women over 40, as well as those with a family history of breast cancer or higher risk factors, to schedule a regular mammogram with their doctor. Under the federal Affordable Care Act, starting January 1, private health plans like BCBSM will cover in-network, evidence-based preventive services, such as mammograms, with no member cost-sharing.

    BCBSM’s wellness and care management program for members, BlueHealthConnection®, provides a variety of resources to help members get healthy or manage illness and disease, including breast cancer. It offers valuable online resources, digital health coaching and case management services to help members and their families understand complex diseases like cancer as well as test results and treatment options.

    For more information on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Blues’ efforts to help kick cancer, visit AHealthierMichigan.org or follow #kickcancer on Twitter.

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    One Comment to “Go Pink” at Michigan State University’s homecoming football game

    1. Carl Goldberg (316317} says:

      As a former athlete at State and as a 1965 graduate, I am proud of what the university has been doing and their dedication to health. GO GREEN

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