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    Introducing #HealthyMe: A new online community for achieving your healthy goals


    April 28, 2014

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    We’re proud to be recognized as a company that makes you an active participant in reaching a healthier way of life

    We are equally proud to be a company that champions Michigan as a healthy state for you and your family. Everyone’s healthy journey is personal and we strive to provide the information, tools, and services that cater to your needs. We are passionate about our mission and want to see you succeed with your health goals.

    As part of this mission, we are excited to introduce #HealthyMe, a fun and interactive way to reach out to your healthy community.

    Our goal is to help Michiganders accomplish their healthy goals while receiving support from their friends (and BCBSM employees!) along the way. #HealthyMe lets Michiganders create a personal health and wellness hub by identifying the topics that interest them, tracking health goals, and connecting with a like-mind community for added support. And to make sure we practice what we preach, we’re going to join the fun by sharing our own health and wellness stories.

    Not only does the #HealthyMe community allow you to find the health and wellness information that interests you most, it’s also your chance to tell us how we can best help you. Which categories – including healthy cooking, disease prevention, stress relief and more – do you think will strike the biggest chord in the #HealthyMe community? We’ll be keeping tabs in order to better understand how we as a company can tailor our resources to address the concerns and priorities that matter most to you.

    We invite you to join the #HealthyMe community.

    We’re in this journey together, and can’t wait to see how many healthy goals we can achieve across Michigan. We believe that together, we can achieve greater wellbeing across the state.

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    1. Helena says:

      I want to know more.

    2. Teri Creps says:

      Looking forward to new and improved Info

    3. Looking forward to HealthyMe#.

    4. Marianne Price says:

      Really looking forward to the HealthyMe# Support and information for my family. This will be really exciting. Looking forward to new ways of doing things.

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