Innovation: The Distinguishing Factor for Leaders in Technology

Innovation: The Distinguishing Factor for Leaders in Technology

One of my mentors once said that innovation is what distinguishes leaders from followers. For more than 75 years Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network have led the state of Michigan as a health care provider. Blue Cross is dedicated to improving the health of Michigan’s residents and communities by increasing access to affordable health care and ensuring they receive the best quality of care through technological advancements.

The distinguishing factor behind technology innovation is its ability to drive change. By using technology capabilities, we can address issues in a fast and reliable manner to ensure the long-term well-being of current and future members. In doing so, we can go from being an insurance company to a trusted source in health care that makes an impact, and more importantly, a difference. This is just one of the many ways innovation is driving change at Blue Cross.

Customer experience is one of the most important examples of innovation at Blue Cross. With the market shifting toward customer centricity, Blue Cross’ innovation continues to improve our communication with members and providers. We’re dedicating a lot of time and technology to understand how our customers interact with us, and we’re aiming to improve that experience.

We are also focused on transparency. This initiative is about providing our members with more information so that they can make educated decisions about how and where to get their care, along with information about cost of care. Imagine being able to easily access cost information and make decisions based on that information to determine where the best care is for the lowest cost in real time. Our members are able to do this, and technology is the driving force behind that benefit.

I am truly driven by the mission and vision of Blue Cross. I believe that the individual is the answer to the challenges of health care. I also believe that Blue Cross plays an important role in the management of a person’s health by providing actionable information to our members at a time when it matters.

Every day I am excited to work with my team knowing we are focused on creating meaningful, impactful and industry-changing improvements. Our team is comprised of individuals who are motivated by innovation and, thus, are in line with the company vision. Beyond exploring innovative technologies, our employees are able to explore how technology can help individuals improve their health. I invite anyone who is interested in exploring innovation and technology to consider a career in our information technology department. For more information visit


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