Every Business Deserves Blue: Why Blue Cross ® Personal Choice PPO Makes Sense for Employers

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s new, innovative plan, Personal Choice PPO is about two things: Savings and choice. This plan offers members more choices for care with options to keep their out-of-pocket costs lower. It also helps employers offer a flexible PPO plan with potential premium savings.

Employers who offer Personal Choice PPO plans can rest assured that they are doing all they can to keep employees healthy and happy. Here are a few reasons why Personal Choice PPO could be right for your business:

Not your traditional PPO: Typically, companies offer traditional HMOs or PPOs, but Personal Choice PPO provides another option, giving people the flexibility of a typical PPO with choices to keep their costs low. That’s done through Organized Systems of Care, which are communities of doctors and hospitals working together to provide high-quality, coordinated care. Your employees get money-saving benefits through lower out-of-pocket costs for certain choices, but still have the option to see any doctor in or out of the PPO network.

Gives affordability high priority: Personal Choice PPO provides members with the opportunity to pay the lowest out-of-pocket costs when they choose to coordinate their care by selecting a primary care doctor in a Level 1 OSC. You also can save on premiums by offering this plan.

Helps employees get the care they deserve: Organized Systems of Care enables your employees to connect to a community of physicians and referred specialists. OSCs that have attained Level 1 status have met criteria for providing that high-quality care at the lowest cost. They are aware of their Level 1 status and are ready to serve patients.

Choosing the right health plans for your employees can seem overwhelming. Learn more about Personal Choice PPO plans here:


For more information on PC PPO plans please click here.


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