Member Exclusive: $25-A-Month Gym Memberships

Member Exclusive: $25-A-Month Gym Memberships

Have you slacked off on your New Year’s fitness goals? Don’t worry. Blue Cross’ member discount program, Blue365®, has teamed up with Healthways® Fitness Your Way to offer members an affordable way to get back on track.

For $25 a month and no enrollment fee (February only*), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members can get access to more than 9,500 gyms nationwide. This great deal is available to anyone with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network coverage under the age of 65.

The membership allows you to work out at a network of different gyms, which means greater flexibility. If you want to take a zumba class at LA Fitness in the morning and hit the weight room at Powerhouse in the evening, you can. Members can work out at any participating location at any time.

As a Blue Cross employee (and member) I signed up for Healthways and joined LA Fitness in Allen Park. I used to belong to the $10 a month gym, but I’m excited that this program gives me access to a facility with a pool, sauna, group workout classes and more. Plus if I travel for work or want to check out a different location, I don’t have to sign up for a different membership.

The waived enrollment fee offer for Blue Cross members ends Feb. 28, 2017Get the full details here*.

Still on the fence? Check out what some other Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan team members have to say about the program below:

“Joining the Healthways program is a convenient and budget friendly way to get fit. Last year I trained for a sprint triathlon and my Healthways membership helped me find a gym with a pool that was both within my budget and close to home.” – Helen Carlisle, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“Using Healthways saved me money on my LA Fitness gym membership. I like that there is also a yoga studio in the network that is just up the street from my house. I have more options to exercise for less money a month.” – Jennifer McCallion, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


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