How the Find a Doctor Tool Makes Everything Easier for Blue Cross® Personal Choice PPO Plan Members

As a member of Blue Cross® Personal Choice PPO, you have access to Michigan’s largest PPO network. That means 11,000 specialists, 4,000 doctors and 118 Michigan hospitals are available to you to provide the highest quality, coordinated care. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, but Blue Cross’ Find a Doctor tool offers an easy solution at your fingertips.

The Find a Doctor tool, available on both and the BCBSM mobile app, is a great way to ensure you’re paying the lowest out-of-pocket costs, since it helps you find doctors who belong to a Level 1 OSC.  Members can research primary care physicians, search for an in-network doctor or hospital, compare providers and read doctor reviews all within your plan.

Ready to find the best Level 1 OSC doctor for yourself and your family? Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your member account on or the BCBSM mobile app. If you don’t have an account, you can easily set one up by clicking “Register.”
  • Step 2: From your homepage, go to the navigation bar and select “Doctors and Hospitals.”
  • Step 3: Start typing the kind of doctor or facility you’re looking for, such as “primary care” or “dermatologist.” While you search, you will see an icon next to the primary care doctors’ contact information indicating their OSC affiliation. If you do not see the icon at the right, they are not affiliated with a Level 1 OSC. As a reminder, this means a higher out of pocket cost. You can filter out the results to only show those in a Level 1 OSC to make it even easier.

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