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Why Gen Y should own an Obamacare plan

It’s easy for young, healthy adults to feel invincible.  But anyone can get an illness or injury that drives them into medical debt, the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. On average, a 3-day hospital stay is $30,000 if you are … Continue reading

Blue Cross will help people transition into new health plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act

BREAKING NEWS: Every well-reasoned decision a business makes has the chance to upset a customer. Our customers were certainly on our minds over the past few weeks as we discussed what to do about President Obama’s suggestion that states and insurance companies … Continue reading

Immediate Reaction to President Obama’s ACA Announcement

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan monitored today’s remarks by President Obama, but we will need to review and understand the substantive changes he is proposing in the ACA regulations before we are able to inform our customers Continue reading

PR News’ award recognizes BCBSM social achievement

Health insurance isn’t glamorous.  Unlike those fun purchases where you bring home some shiny object, purchasing coverage is a thoughtful, rational, and important decision.  Many of us fail to understand its importance until life brings us a moment where we … Continue reading

Nomination for PR News’ award an honor, reinforcement for fostering social media conversation

A health insurance company’s blog.  Yuck, right? Insurance really doesn’t get you up in the morning.  We get that.  But health insurance companies, like ours, are about more than the product we sell and service.  We’re made up of people, … Continue reading

Detroit News names CEO Daniel J. Loepp one of its 2013 Michiganians of the Year

To those of us who work at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, it seems very fitting that The Detroit News has named Dan Loepp, our president and CEO, as one of its Michiganians of the Year. The headline in … Continue reading

Michigan consumers win thanks to health insurance reforms

All players on the field playing by the same rules – this is a common definition of fair competition. At Blue Cross, we are very pleased to have both the Michigan House and Senate – by overwhelming majorities – endorse … Continue reading

Blue Cross launches new advertising at a critical time for consumers

Last night on the Academy Awards, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan introduced a new advertising campaign and tagline, “Confidence Comes with Every Card.” New campaigns and slogans are launched by brands virtually every day.  We took particular care in … Continue reading

Broad support for change that is vital for Michigan’s future

One of the hallmarks of good public policy is how many people with different points of view come forward to endorse it as the right thing to do. This is happening as Senate Bills 61 and 62 make their way … Continue reading

Gov. Snyder’s plan to transition BCBSM enjoys widespread support

As the Michigan Legislature returns to complete its work for 2012, Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to modernize Michigan’s antiquated, inconsistent 32-year old system of health insurance regulations is an issue that is generating broad-based public support. Over Thanksgiving weekend, The … Continue reading