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How to start a Cube-to-5K program

Physical fitness is a critical component of employee wellness, and what better way to revamp your workplace’s approach to exercise than by initiating a Cube-to-5K program and having everyone train together for a race? There is plenty of evidence that … Continue reading

Finding another reason to quit: How employers can drive smoking cessation

We all know the impact smoking can have on health, but did you know smoking can cause serious stress to your company’s budget? A recent study found that smokers cost employers $6,000 a year more than non-smoking employees. There are … Continue reading

Promoting employee wellness by preventing stress at work

Stress in the workplace is dangerous for everyone. Studies have shown that excessive stress can diminish employees’ health – from weakening the immune system to increasing susceptibility to life-threatening illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease. And for employers, workplace … Continue reading

Wellness @ Works Feature Story: Q&A with Chrysler

Cindy Bjorkquist, Director, Wellness, Care Management and Health Promotion Program Development at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, recently sat down with Kathie Neal, Director of Integrated Health Care and Disability at Chrysler, to discuss the company’s health and wellness … Continue reading

How to use social gaming to make your workplace wellness program competitive

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when implementing a workplace wellness program is getting employees to actually participate. Recently, companies have turned to gaming to make the programs more of a social event. This approach encourages participation, incentivizes employees … Continue reading