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BCBSM looks forward to learning more about proposed hospital system mergers

BREAKING NEWS: Today, three southeast Michigan hospital systems announced they have signed a letter-of-intent to merge. Below is the immediate reaction from Daniel J. Loepp, President and CEO of BCBSM. With a movement toward hospital consolidation underway across the nation, it’s not … Continue reading

BCBSM statement regarding ACA changes for small group and individual markets

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan monitored this week’s announcement by the government concerning the extensions of non-ACA compliant health plans in the small group and individual markets. We are evaluating the impacts this change would have on our business … Continue reading

Deadlines for paying your health insurance bill

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Cross wants to give Michigan residents every opportunity to obtain health coverage and have it effective in the New Year. If you have enrolled in a plan but have not paid your bill, you will still be covered on … Continue reading

News Release: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan adds enrollment staff, extends hours to help consumers select health plans before Dec. 23 deadline

BREAKING NEWS: DETROIT, Dec. 20, 2013 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is addressing higher call volumes and interest among Michigan residents in enrolling in Affordable Care Act health plans by increasing call center staffing and expanding call center hours leading … Continue reading

Enrolling for an individual health plan? Here’s what you need to know

BREAKING NEWS: I want to enroll in an Affordable Care Act Qualified Health Plan: Can I still enroll for 2014? Yes. We will continue to offer qualified health plans with the complete array of essential health benefits required under the Affordable Care … Continue reading

Blue Cross will help people transition into new health plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act

BREAKING NEWS: Every well-reasoned decision a business makes has the chance to upset a customer. Our customers were certainly on our minds over the past few weeks as we discussed what to do about President Obama’s suggestion that states and insurance companies … Continue reading

Immediate Reaction to President Obama’s ACA Announcement

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan monitored today’s remarks by President Obama, but we will need to review and understand the substantive changes he is proposing in the ACA regulations before we are able to inform our customers Continue reading