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    May. 21

    What’s a Podiatrist?

    The majority of people who suffer foot pain don’t see a podiatrist. Here’s why you should.

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    Welcome packet
    May. 18

    3 Things To Do When You Get Your Welcome Kit

    The welcome kit that comes with a new insurance plan may look intimidating, but it’s full of important and helpful information.

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    Why do you get a bill after a dr visit
    Apr. 28

    The Mystery of the Medical Bill: Why Do You Sometimes Get One After Already Paying at the Doctor’s Office?

    Doctor’s bills can be an unwelcome surprise, especially if you paid your copay at the time of the visit. Here’s what you need to know about why you get them and how to handle them.

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    Apr. 21

    Five Tips for Choosing a New Doctor

    Looking for a new doctor? Check out our top five tips to help you find your perfect match.

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    Apr. 20

    BCBSM’s New Advertising Connects Michigan, Health and You

    Watching TV lately, you may have seen something new from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan during the commercial break. Just like our company, our new advertising shows Michiganders at the forefront and how real, human connections in the Great Lakes State are what we’re all about.

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    Doctor greating patient
    Apr. 18

    Have a HMO? Make Sure You Choose a Primary Doctor

    No matter what plan you have, it’s important to have a primary doctor. If you’re a Blue Care Network HMO member, choosing a primary doctor is even more important. Learn why.

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    Apr. 17

    5 Questions for Your Ophthalmologist

    If you struggle to clearly read the newspaper or have to squint to identify a road sign while driving, it may be time to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist or optometrist.

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    Apr. 16

    Scoliosis and Pain: How One BCBSM Employee Manages Her Diagnosis

    Melissa Withrow works out most mornings, despite her scoliosis. Find out how she manages pain and why she hopes her daily fitness habit continues into old age.

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    Apr. 13

    Bringing Small Business Solutions and Workplace Wellness Tips to the Forefront

    Healthcare coverage and small business solutions don’t have to be expensive, complicated or unhealthy. This month, the Healthier Michigan Radio Show explains why. 

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    Apr. 2

    Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist: What’s the difference?

    Both optometrists and ophthalmologists play an important role in vision care, but they have different training and differ in the kinds of conditions they treat.

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