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    Feb. 27

    How to Make the Most of Your Health Insurance

    If you want to get the most out of your health insurance, one of the most important things to do is be aware of what your plan offers. Think insurance is just a card to keep in your wallet? You might be surprised. Here are some tips to help you get started.

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    medical bill
    Feb. 27

    Understanding Your Health Insurance: How Your Medical Expenses Get Paid

    When do your benefits start fully picking up the tab for covered health expenses? This post breaks down the four factors that go into how your medical bills are paid.

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    Josh and Helen ski
    Feb. 26

    A Health Insurance Checklist for the Engaged and Newlywed

    Should you join your spouse’s employer-sponsored coverage? What you and your partner should be thinking about if you’re getting married.

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    Feb. 26

    What Is An Otolaryngologist?

    Otolaryngologists are doctors who specialize in the care of conditions relating to the ear, nose and throat. This type of specialist is more commonly known as an “E-N-T” doctor.

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    Feb. 19

    Anthem FAQ: Answers to Common Questions for BCBSM and BCN Members

    How does the Anthem cyber-attack impact BCBSM and BCN members? Your questions answered in these FAQs.

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    Feb. 13

    What Doctors Appointments Should You Schedule in 2015?

    There are many different types of doctors. Are you seeing each one regularly enough? Stay well by checking in with the right doctors for you each year.

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    Curling Mark Lazar 2
    Feb. 11

    Blues’ Members Take to the Ice at U.S. Curling National Championships in Kalamazoo

    The 10 best men’s and women’s curling teams from across the country are headed to Kalamazoo for the U.S. Curling National Championships, which will take place Feb. 14-21 at Wings Stadium.

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    Feb. 10

    Know Before You Go: How to Estimate Health Care Costs Before You Get Care

    Don’t be surprised by your bill. Learn how to know what to expect from medical care received before it shows up.

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    Startup Stock Photos
    Feb. 4

    More than 1 Million Members Now Registered at Bcbsm.com

    More than 1 million members have registered for a bcbsm.com account, giving them on-demand access to plan information, claims details and history, and health care provider information

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    Feb. 3

    3 Reasons I Love Having a PCMH-Designated Doctor

    Don’t think having a PCMH-designated doctor is a big deal? Neither did I. Until it transformed my health care experience.

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