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    Jun. 26

    A Guide for Recent Grads: Should You Stay on Your Parent’s Health Insurance?

    You have a diploma, but do you have health insurance? Here are the questions you should ask yourself to find out what kind of coverage you might need.

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    cell phone
    Jun. 16

    Health Insurance and Cell Phone Plans: Why National Access Is Key to Great Coverage

    What does your health insurance plan have in common with your cell phone? The bigger your network is, the more coverage you’ll enjoy.

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    Jun. 16

    Did You Know You Could Do That Online? A Guide to the Member Portal

    If you haven’t started using your online member portal yet, you’re missing out on lots of helpful tools and exclusive offers.

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    Young Male Optometrist Holding An Ophthalmoscope
    Jun. 12

    Four Specialty Benefits Worth Adding To Your Health Care Program

    You likely already offer your employees health insurance, but adding extra coverage like dental, vision, disability and life insurance can set you apart from other employers.

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    Jun. 11

    5 Questions to Ask Your Relatives About Their Dental and Vision History

    The next time you sit down with your parents or grandparents to talk about medical history, make sure to touch on vision and dental health as well.

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    Jun. 11

    When Do You Really Need a Second Opinion?

    It’s easy to assume that what a doctor is telling you is always correct, but sometimes it’s helpful to get a second opinion. Here are some guidelines for when you should set up another appointment.

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    Jun. 4

    Grab a Friend, Get Healthy and Save Money in the Process

    A new promotion between Healthways and Blue Cross Blue Shield will help you and your friends get fit and stay active all summer long.

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    Jun. 4

    Five Ways to Reduce Your Wait Time at the Doctor’s Office

    The average person waits almost 20 minutes to see their doctor. Try these five tricks to get seen a lot more promptly.

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    Jun. 2

    7 (More!) Common Health Insurance Terms Explained

    Confused by health insurance terms? You’re not alone. These seven terms show up again and again, so it’s worth knowing exactly what they mean.

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    Jun. 1

    Getting “Under the Hood” on Individual Health Insurance Rates

    When people shop for fresh produce or a vehicle to get them to the grocery store, they are being impacted by costs that go unseen in the product they buy. These underlying costs are real drivers of the retail price people pay – and health insurance is no different.

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