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    Mar. 25

    Breaking Down Health Care Acronyms: HSAs

    It’s no secret that navigating the health care process can be confusing and part of that confusion stems from the heavy use of acronyms. HSAs, FSAs, EOBs, PPOs, HMOs, the list goes on. So let’s focus on HSAs, what are they and how do they? Great question!

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    Mar. 23

    5 Questions for Your Dermatologist

    With such a complex makeup, and individualized size and shape, it’s critical to check in with your dermatologist and protect your skin. Moles, rashes and chronic skin conditions are issues that should be monitored at home and checked regularly by a professional. Check out five important questions to get the ball rolling with your skin doctor.

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    Mar. 19

    Psychiatrist vs. Psychologist: What’s the Difference?

    Ever wonder what the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is? Find out here.

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    Spring break
    Mar. 18

    Spring Break Plans? Make Sure You Know How to Get Care When You’re Away  

    Make sure you know how to take advantage of your health insurance benefits when you leave town for spring break.

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    Mar. 12

    Expert Advice: Understanding Your Health Coverage

    The March airing of the Healthier Michigan Radio Show breaks down BCBSM’s #Covered101 initiative and explains ways to better understand your health care coverage.

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    Mar. 9

    3 Ways Blue Cross Makes Patient Safety a Priority

    Blue Cross is dedicated to helping improve the quality of care that everyone in Michigan receives. This is why Blue Cross continues to partner with hospitals and doctors throughout Michigan to help improve patient safety and lower the cost of care.

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    Getting an allergy test
    Mar. 8

    What You Need To Know About Allergy Testing

    Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions worldwide. Allergy testing allows your doctor to identify specific triggers and to determine the treatment. But, first you have to check which providers, tests and procedures your health plan covers.

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    Ryan Owens 2
    Mar. 6

    A “Face Behind the Card”: Special Treatment is the Norm for BCBSM Health Plan Advisor

    Health Plan Advisor (HPA) Ryan Owens handles up to 50 calls per day during the busiest times of the year. Find out how our HPAs can help you.

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    Mar. 4

    5 Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist

    Are you asking your dentist the questions you should? Do you know if they stay up to date on the latest techniques or if they’ve ever made changes to the health plans they accept? All of this is valid information you deserve to know before and during your visit to the office.

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    What does my health insurance cover
    Mar. 3

    What Does My Health Plan Cover?

    Once you have health insurance, it’s easy to just tuck the card in the back of your wallet without giving it much thought. After all, you’re […]

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