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    Jan. 30

    FAQ Friday: When Will I Get My Membership Card?

    Whether you’ve just enrolled in a new health plan or re-enrolled in your current one, having questions about your membership card is normal. The key is just to ask them.

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    Jan. 29

    Do You Need an Annual Visit With Your Doctor?

    Annual visits with your doctor are an important time to discuss how you can stay healthy, as well as ways to prevent certain conditions you may be at risk for.

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    Stethoscope 3
    Jan. 28

    Benefits 101: A Guide To Getting Medical Care

    There’s medical care you can anticipate, and medical care that you can’t. Both can be stressful, but understanding your benefits and planning ahead of time can make the situation a whole lot easier.

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    Jan. 16

    FAQ Friday: Paying Your Bill, Activating Your Insurance

    When is my first premium payment due?  How do I pay my bill if I bought a plan on Healthcare.gov? When will I receive my card? Your questions answered in this week’s FAQ Friday.

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    Jan. 9

    FAQ Friday: Where to Get Answers for Your Health Insurance Enrollment Questions

    If you have health insurance questions, we’re always happy to help. In addition to customer service representatives and agents, we have more than 600 health plan advisors across Michigan by the phones to take your call (855-237-3501). That being said, we may not be in a place to answer your question if it pertains to the Marketplace. Not sure where to turn? Here are some FAQs that might help.

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    Jan. 8

    What Does the 2015 Open Enrollment Period Mean for Businesses and You?

    January’s airing of the Healthier Michigan Radio Show breaks down Open Enrollment details so you know exactly what to do before February 15. Listen to the full broadcast and learn more about what this year’s changes may mean for you.

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    Jan. 8

    How to Talk to Loved Ones About Healthcare Coverage

    Having a talk about healthcare coverage isn’t as bad as you think. Learn five simple ways to ease your family and friends into the conversation.

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    Jan. 7

    Going Without Health Insurance? Why You’re Throwing Money Away

    Five ways going without health insurance is costing you money.

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    Dec. 24

    Kate and Kathleen’s Inspirational Story of Membership and Friendship

    Meet Katthleen and Kate, a BCBSM health plan advisor and advisee pair whose had a positive experience during last year’s Open Enrollment Period.

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    classic car
    Dec. 12

    Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health? Five Ways to Take Control

    If your car is healthier than you are, we’ve got a different kind of owner’s manual you can use to take better care of yourself.

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    For individual and family plans, call a health plan advisor at 855-237-3501, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., 7 days a week or have an advisor call you. You can also connect with a local agent.

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    To reach a customer service representative, please call the number listed on the back of your ID card.

    Visit one of our statewide walk-in centers Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. and select Saturdays and corporate holidays.

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