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BCBSM looks forward to learning more about proposed hospital system mergers

BREAKING NEWS: Today, three southeast Michigan hospital systems announced they have signed a letter-of-intent to merge. Below is the immediate reaction from Daniel J. Loepp, President and CEO of BCBSM. With a movement toward hospital consolidation underway across the nation, it’s not … Continue reading

We celebrate our 75th anniversary on a strong foundation of serving the people of Michigan

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan celebrated our 75th year of being a nonprofit health insurer. As BCBSM president and CEO, Daniel J. Loepp said in a press release about the day, we’re not acting … Continue reading

New statewide notification network to improve care by sharing patient data

In an ideal health care system where patient care is paramount, your primary care doctor would always be notified when you’re admitted to a hospital. Trouble is, they’re not. But a new system that BCBSM is supporting provides doctors access … Continue reading

The Blues partner with Munson Healthcare to implement new model of reimbursement based on value, not volume

Imagine if hospitals were reimbursed based on the number of procedures or tests performed, with little regard for effectiveness or value.  Sounds expensive, right?  This fee-for-service model is the reality of our current health care system, and has been a … Continue reading

Lower costs, better patient outcomes the goals of new Michigan hospital partnership

Imagine you have incapacitating hip pain from degenerative joint disease. You undergo pre-operative testing, a hip replacement surgery, transfer to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital and then get physical therapy services at home. Your cousin went through the same surgery a … Continue reading

Podcast 13: What are the results of the Michigan Blues PCMH model of care?

While reducing the cost of health care by $155 million over three years sounds impressive, doing so while improving the quality of care is even more notable. And that is exactly what has been done by the Michigan Blues, in … Continue reading

Collaboration drives patient-centered medical home adoption across Michigan

Traditionally, the relationship between health insurance companies and physicians was contentious. As health care costs climbed upward, fingers were often pointed toward one another, leaving patients stuck in the middle. The pressure to begin controlling costs led to the idea … Continue reading

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

For the last five years, the Blues in Michigan have led the country in designating Patient-Centered Medical Homes. In addition to improving the quality of care, over the past three years, PCMH practices in Michigan have proven to reduce costs … Continue reading

Savings from PCMH program attracting attention ahead of health care reform

There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether programs that focus on greater coordination and management of an individual patient’s care — like patient-centered medical homes or Accountable Care Organizations in Medicare — can improve the health care system. … Continue reading

Investing in the MHA Keystone initiative saves lives and dollars

For the past seven years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has partnered with the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) Keystone Center to advance projects aimed at transforming the way health care is delivered in Michigan, with a focus … Continue reading