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Get ready to buy insurance with this step-by-step guide, tailored to you

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BCBSM encourages Michigan consumers not to leave free money on the table when buying health insurance

The Blues’ exclusive Text 4 Subsidy program lets Michigan consumers determine eligibility for ACA subsidies through exclusive text messaging program Michigan residents who are uninsured or exploring their health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act now can send a … Continue reading

Heart attack survivor discusses value of the BCBSM coverage

When we talk about the cost of health care, it’s easy to get caught up in statistics: the numbers that illustrate the rising cost of care and the dollars that Blue Cross saves the health care system through its various … Continue reading

What to expect from health care reform if you buy a new individual policy today

Our customer service representatives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan are getting lots of questions from members who buy individual plan coverage asking about changes in store from health care reform. We take a look at some of those … Continue reading

What health care reform means for Michigan Blues members who buy individual policies

All this week in this space, we’ll be sharing our responses to many of the most commonly asked questions posed by Blues customers who wonder how health care reform will affect their policies and families. The series is meant as … Continue reading