Next steps for BCBSM transition to nonprofit mutual insurer

Monday marked a landmark change in Michigan’s insurance code, abolishing antiquated regulations and setting the stage for a fair and competitive health care marketplace for Michigan consumers. By signing Senate Bill 61 and 62 into law, Governor Snyder has started … Continue reading

Storify: After unanimous Senate approval, bills to reform Michigan’s insurance market, transition BCBSM head to House Insurance Committee

The state House Insurance Committee last week took up Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to modernize Michigan’s health care regulatory system by transitioning Blue Cross to a nonprofit mutual insurance company. The bills passed the state Senate unanimously earlier this month. … Continue reading

Broad support for change that is vital for Michigan’s future

One of the hallmarks of good public policy is how many people with different points of view come forward to endorse it as the right thing to do. This is happening as Senate Bills 61 and 62 make their way … Continue reading

Notes from Grand Valley State University’s healthcare summit

Many eyes across West Michigan were fixed on the L.V. Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids last Friday, January 11, as Grand Valley State University released the details of the fourth edition of their Health Check: Analyzing Trends in West Michigan … Continue reading

Not a fan of change? We think you’ll like this one.

Beginning Dec. 7, and are merging into one website, and we are very excited to present your new online experience. Simple, clear, and easy to understand. This is the mantra that the new is all about. We … Continue reading

Gov. Snyder’s plan to transition BCBSM enjoys widespread support

As the Michigan Legislature returns to complete its work for 2012, Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to modernize Michigan’s antiquated, inconsistent 32-year old system of health insurance regulations is an issue that is generating broad-based public support. Over Thanksgiving weekend, The … Continue reading

Michigan State House Insurance Committee hearing testimony from BCBSM

Most Favored Nation status and competing health plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Editorial endorsing Gov. Snyder’s proposal gets to heart of matter

The Detroit Free Press got to the heart of the matter this morning in its editorial endorsing Gov. Snyder’s proposal to enable Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to transition to become a nonprofit mutual insurer – it is “good … Continue reading

BCBSM Transition: Medigap and Medicare Advantage in Michigan

As hearings continue in our state capitol on the transition of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to a nonprofit mutual, here is the full presentation that Mark Cook, vice president of Governmental Affairs for Blue Cross Blue Shield of … Continue reading

We will still be Caring for Michigan

In 1939 – two years before the bombing at Pearl Harbor brought America into World War II – groups of Michigan doctors and hospitals formed prepaid health care plans that would become Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Times have changed … Continue reading