Need help sticking to personal health goals? Blues wellness programs can help

Need help sticking to personal health goals? Blues wellness programs can help


Most of us know how to live healthier lives, but it’s another story to actually discipline ourselves to do it. Many of the chronic health conditions affecting people — and wreaking financial havoc on the health care system — can be controlled by diet, exercise and healthier lifestyle habits. Sometimes, we just need some support and guidance to make it happen.

There are more opportunities today to get the advice you need to successfully manage your health. As a recent story in the Detroit Free Press noted, more people are turning to wellness coaches and fitness experts to help them deal with issues like stress and weight management, wellness and to find ways to make personal health a priority.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members have wellness coaches and other resources readily available through BlueHealthConnection, our collection of health management programs, designed to provide information, assistance and resources to help our members take charge of their health.

In addition, the Blues are committed to building healthier communities by providing members with all kinds of incentives and support to improve personal well-being like discounted gym memberships, fitness equipment and groceries through  
The more we can support and empower people to take charge of their health, the more successful we will be in building a healthier Michigan.

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