National Nurses Week is here


We celebrate National Nurses Week from May 6 through May 12. This is a time to honor those gracious health care professionals who are dedicated to the wellbeing of patients.
If you think National Nurses Week was created without any roadblocks, you are mistaken. In 1953, Dorothy Sutherland began fighting to have the government officially designate a day to honor nurses across the country. It wasn’t until almost 30 years later that President Reagan declared that May 6 would be “National Recognition Day for Nurses”. From there, the day was extended to a week.
If you talk to a friend, a neighbor or a family member, chances are they have a positive story to tell you about an experience they had with a nurse. At times when people are sick, stuck in a hospital bed, or in need of some health related guidance, nurses are there for support.
At the Michigan Blues, there are over 250 nurses that play an integral role within the company. Customers have direct access to nurses, dieticians, case managers and more via the Blue Health Connection program.
Terry Muse had an especially wonderful experience with a case manager at BCBSM. This story illustrates the added value of the Michigan Blues’ insurance.

So, think back this week about those nurses that have had a positive impact on your life and thank them again if you get a chance.

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