Imagine Having 250 Nurses at Your Fingertips – With BlueHealthConnection® You Can

Imagine Having 250 Nurses at Your Fingertips – With BlueHealthConnection® You Can

BlueHealthConnection is a collection of health management programs that give Blues members access to health education, support, and health and wellness resources to help them take charge of their health.

BlueHealthConnection offers several programs that are supported by licensed, registered nurse health coaches and case managers. These experienced professionals assist members in their efforts to stay healthy, get healthier or manage illness. Available programs supported by registered nurse health coaches include:

  • 24-hour nurse line Answers members’ health care questions.
  • Chronic condition and disease management helps members with chronic conditions manage their care.
  • Case management helps members coordinate their care and provides education about their conditions. Quit the Nic works with members one-on-one to help them develop action plans to quit smoking.
  • BlueHealthConnection also connects members to a variety of online resources including online health coaching.
  • Health assessment: An online questionnaire that helps members pinpoint specific health issues and risks, and guides them to healthy behaviors.

Blues members can easily access these online resources through Member Secured Service

“The most exciting thing about BlueHealthConnection to me is the difference we make in members’ lives,” Michelle Fullerton, BCBSM director of BlueHealthConnecton – Wellness and Care Management Operations.

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