At three-month mark, BCBSM is well-positioned for reform implementation

At three-month mark, BCBSM is well-positioned for reform implementation

Yesterday at the White House, many of the values that guide BCBSM’s approach to insuring people’s health were on display once again as President Obama brought insurance industry leaders together to mark the 91st day of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as health care reform.

President Obama spoke about the progress that’s been made in the three months since he signed the health care reform law.

Much of that progress, however, is consistent with longstanding business practices and values of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Insurance rescissions are now a thing of the past. At BCBSM, kicking people off of coverage because of a change in their health status was never part of our business.

Covering children, regardless of their pre-existing conditions, is required. As this video shows, BCBSM, goes far beyond covering children and all adults without regard for health status.


Young adults now have the ability to remain on their parents’ coverage. At BCBSM, we never cut graduating seniors loose just for receiving a high school or college diploma.

Our chief executive officer, Daniel Loepp, attended the events at the White House and shortly after recommitted BCBSM to the success of health care reform.

Here in Michigan, there’s been a tremendous effort put forth by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and our various partners to beat reform deadlines and implement changes in the spirit of the new health care law. While making these changes, we’ve continued to fulfill our unwavering commitment to the health of Michigan’s people, communities, businesses and health care system.

Health reform remains controversial. Implementation is a long and confusing journey. Stakeholders will be affected in different ways. As the state’s leading health insurer, Blue Cross is expected to be a trusted resource with it comes to health issues, and that includes health care reform. Today we launched– an area of our website dedicated to helping everyone in Michigan understand the impact of the law.

Health reform has changed some things. One thing it hasn’t changed is our longstanding commitment to covering people, and leading Michigan to a healthier future.

Andy Hetzel, vice president, corporate communications

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