Michigan leads the way for patient-centered medical homes

Michigan leads the way for patient-centered medical homes

Michigan is at the forefront of improving the way primary health care is delivered. The largest patient-centered medical home (PCMH) program in the nation is in our state, with 1,800 physicians in 500 practices now designated as a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan patient-centered medical home.

The medical home is a primary care practice in which a health care team is completely focused on the goals and needs of each patient.  Health problems are detected and treated earlier. The team coordinates patients’ care and guides them as they make their way through the health care system.

National health care leaders and policy makers are watching Michigan to see how the program is working, including it in national and state health reform discussions. Another 3,200 primary care doctors across Michigan are working to implement patient-centered medical home capabilities into their practices, affecting almost 2 million residents.

A recent news release about patient-centered medical home posted on this site a few weeks ago discussed the preliminary data showing that PCMH-designated doctors are improving patient care.

You can find the new list of 1,800 PCMH doctors here.

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Still Wondering What the Benefits of PCMH are for Patients? See this slide presentation we put together to help individuals understand what’s in it for them. Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH): The Benefits of a Team Approach to Health Care

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