Jodi Davis, Walking Advocate for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Jodi Davis, Walking Advocate for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Jodi Davis started a very healthy trend. She began living a healthier lifestyle and inspired Jon Stanton, Rose Borst, and Eric Stanton to do the same. This is the first post in a series of four that shows how one person’s lifestyle change can encourage others to make changes they never thought they could.


“One bite tastes the same as twenty,” is one piece of advice that Jodi Davis has learned and shared with others over the years. Jodi was obese for nearly 25 years and one day, she realized she had to lose weight in order to live her life to the fullest.

Jodi is a mother of three from West Michigan who took personal responsibility for her health by beginning a daily walking regimen that brought her to a 162 pound weight loss in about 16 months. Since the weight loss, she has become Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s walking and healthy living advocate.

When Jodi is out at events—talking with the public and sharing her story—people have a hard time believing that Jodi lost the weight all on her own, without the help of diet pills or an expensive gym membership. It may sound too good to be true, but Jodi began eating the right foods and walking daily and the weight began to fall off.

Jodi’s blog has garnered a great deal of followers who are inspired every week by Jodi’s stories and ideas. Who did Jodi Davis inspire to lose over 200 pounds? Stay tuned tomorrow for Jon Stanton’s story.

So, who will you inspire? Join our walking movement. Your success story could change someone’s life.

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