Ford Motor Company Wins Michigan Blue Cross Workplace Weight-Loss Challenge

Ford employees lose a total of 1,519 pounds in BCBSM’s Win by Losing competition, proving you can lose weight at work.

A busy day at work is no longer an excuse to delay adopting a healthier lifestyle for many Michigan Blue Cross customers.


Win by Losing is a weight-loss challenge that encourages workplace wellness and teamwork. In the team competition, participating employees take a first step toward adopting a healthier lifestyle as a team and compete against other BCBSM group customer companies.

The competition happens online with updates and weekly emails sent from the official Win by Losing website.

Participants Lost a Collective 5,594 Pounds in 11 Weeks

Ford Motor Company, plus employees at 26 other Michigan-based companies, rallied to lose 5,594 pounds during the 11-week weight-loss challenge. That’s nearly 3 tons of weight!

So how did they do it?

  • Taking a walk with coworkers during break
  • Packing a healthy lunch
  • Incorporating diet and exercise into their daily routine
  • Supporting fellow team members

Ford employees helped their team lose a grand total of 1,519 pounds, or roughly 70 percent of the weight of a Ford Fiesta.

Congratulations to Ford Motor Company and the rest of the Win by Losing winners for their hard work and dedication to dropping unwanted pounds and adopting healthier lifestyles.

If your employer is a Blue Cross customer, make sure you get in on the action. Another exciting round of competition is getting ready to kick off February 28. For more information, visit the official Win by Losing website.

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