Meet The Final 6 Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III Contestants

Meet The Final 6 Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III Contestants

The Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III contestants, from left: Ryan Turner, Greg Trzaskoma, James Preacher, Amanda Barker, Helen Atwell and Jeanine Wilson.

You voted and we listened. With over 30,000 votes, the final six contestants have been selected for the next round of Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III. The 11-week competition is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, WDIV-TV and The Parade Company.

This year’s contestants are:

The competition kicked off Aug. 29 with a celebration at The Parade Company. Guests enjoyed fitness demonstrations, an array of healthy Hawaiian-themed food and the opportunity to meet the final six contestants.


During the event, Blues CEO Daniel J. Loepp talked with WDIV’s Chuck Gaidica (video below) about obesity in Michigan and the importance of programs like Biggest Loser.


Steve Anderson, last year’s Biggest Loser, had a few words of motivation for the contestants:

“In my experience, it was the difficult times that made me reach deep down inside and see what I was made of. The nights when my muscles were so sore and I just wanted to lie on the couch and eat fast food…those were the times when I realized that I was given this tremendous opportunity to better myself and the very least I could do was give it my best.”

The Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III is a local version of NBC’s nationally televised Biggest Loser. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan health coaches will provide healthy living guidance to each contestant as part of our mission to promote a healthier Michigan. The competition is in its third year of motivating local residents to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

This year’s Biggest Loser will be “The Guys” versus “The Ladies,” with the two teams competing against each other for points. They’ll compete in physical and nutrition challenges and face off through weekly weigh-ins.

The individual winner of this year’s competition will receive prizes including being the honorary Grand Marshall of America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

To follow the contestants’ progress throughout the competition, check out to view their personal blogs and videos.

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