New ‘We Believe’ Billboard in Detroit Has a Double Meaning

New ‘We Believe’ Billboard in Detroit Has a Double Meaning

Our new billboard at the foot of I-375 and East Jefferson Avenue in Detroit carries a bold, powerful and simple message:


As in, believe in the Tigers, the team behind the iconic old English D that is racing toward the postseason, emphatic winners of 10 straight games as of this writing. But it’s more than that.

Don’t be surprised if Detroit fans cheer extra hard if the team, as expected, clinches the Central Division and earns a trip to the postseason, bringing a taste of October baseball back to town. Like us, they’ll be cheering for a storied baseball team — but they’ll also be cheering on an entire city.

Detroit has been through some challenging times, but that hardly needs mentioning. What’s important now is that positive momentum is definitely afoot, with new businesses opening, a progress-minded city government, new residents downtown and an infusion of energy and goodwill.

So with every home run that Tigers batters belt over the outfield fence, with every commanding Justin Verlander performance, yeah, we believe.

Do you?

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