Detroit Regional Chamber webinar to spotlight health care reform for small businesses

Between employer penalties, coverage mandates, small business tax credits and numerous other provisions, the Affordable Care Act promises many changes for small employers.

To help shed light on exactly how reform will impact small businesses, the Blues will team up with the Detroit Regional Chamber for a webinar Thursday, Sept. 20 from 10-11 a.m. The webinar will explore how the ACA affects organizations with fewer than 50 employees.

“The big question for a lot of small employers is whether to let their employees seek individual policies from the exchange or continue sponsoring plans for workers,” said Alisa Bennett, manager of the Health Care Reform Team at BCBSM.

“We’ll discuss a lot of the key provisions of the health reform law that small employers should be aware of, including changes to plan designs and rating factors, where to shop for coverage and how employers and employees alike are potentially eligible for financial assistance.”

Bennett will join Amanda Bobrovetski, president-elect of the Michigan Association of Health Underwriters and past president, Metro Detroit Association of Health Underwriters, on the webinar. Ed Wolking Jr., the Detroit Regional Chamber’s executive vice president, will moderate.

The webinar is open to any organization with fewer than 50 employees. You can sign up or find more information here.

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