Blue Cross launches new advertising at a critical time for consumers

Blue Cross launches new advertising at a critical time for consumers

Last night on the Academy Awards, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan introduced a new advertising campaign and tagline, “Confidence Comes with Every Card.”

New campaigns and slogans are launched by brands virtually every day.  We took particular care in developing this one, however, because this year is unlike any the health insurance industry has seen since the 1960s, when Medicare and Medicaid came into being.

The federal health reform law takes full effect at the beginning of 2014, when all Americans will be required to have health insurance of some kind.  A new marketplace will come online in October of 2013 to help people and small businesses buy coverage.  New federal subsidies will be made available to help some people better afford coverage.

All of this change is raising a lot of questions from people across Michigan.  Blue Cross, soon to celebrate our 75th year in this business, is here to help.  Michiganders can be confident in that.  This is the spirit behind our new advertising.

It also is why we have launched Insurance Central, a blog where our experts are offering their knowledge, not just about reform, but about all things health insurance.  We also have a new website to help people purchase coverage more directly and easily, and find specific information about health reform.

As you begin to consider how health reform affects your family and business, you may have plenty of questions.  You can be confident that Blue Cross is here with Michigan’s most trusted team of experts to answer them.

If you are already a customer and carry that amazing card with the Cross and Shield, we thank you.  You can be confident that we are here to serve your needs and provide you access to the best health care services.  If not, we still hope you will reach out with your questions about the immense changes to come.  We are here to help.

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