Have you formed an ACA action team for your business?

Have you formed an ACA action team for your business?

For many employers, purchasing health insurance has always been a relatively easy business decision to make.  Benefit plans are an essential part of a recruiting package used to attract and retain the best and brightest employees, hence, little hesitation in making good insurance available for all employees.

That decision is no longer an easy one to make, as the Affordable Care Act has added a significant amount of complexity to the health insurance marketplace.  Business owners are struggling to wrap their arms around numerous questions like how to calculate the number of full-time employees eligible for benefits on staff or how much the taxes will be for not providing care.

Jeff Rubleski, director of sales strategy and Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist, recently addressed many of those questions to business owners in Troy, MI.  Among his suggestions, develop a reform action team with your accountant, legal counsel, benefits adviser and key members of your business to make sure you are making the right business decision.

For more on his presentation, please see his slides below.

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