What Exactly Is Health Care Reform?

What Exactly Is Health Care Reform?

By Jan. 1, 2014 everyone is required to have health care, and it can be obtained through individual purchase, the workplace or government subsidies (Medicare or Medicaid).  If everyone is covered, then overall risks are lowered, and eventually costs will decline.

Important Things to Know:

  • No one can be denied health insurance
  • The Health Care Reform Act establishes a Health Insurance Marketplace (or Health Exchange) that allows for easier purchase of health care
  • The Marketplace makes it simpler to compare and understand the differences in health insurance, making it easier to pick a plan
  • Some people may be eligible for tax credits (subsidies) from the government as well as reduced cost-sharing – this helps make health care more affordable for everyone
  • After 2014, it will be required that a standard set of benefits are covered with every health insurance plan to ensure that all people receive quality care

For more information visit:  HealthCareReformBasics.com

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