How Much Will Health Care Reform Cost Me?

The answers to this question may vary depending on many factors (income, place of employment, etc.)

Individuals that earn $14,440 – $43,320 a year, and families that earn $29,330 – $88,200 a year can qualify for government tax credits to offset the cost of health care coverage.

People on government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid will most likely not see any big changes with their plans.  In fact, Medicaid may be expanded to cover a larger range of people.

People employed by large companies that are not changing their health plans will most likely not see any big changes – unless their company chooses to end health care benefits, in which case those people must purchase health care coverage on their own.

Those that are uninsured are required to obtain health care coverage by 2014.  Failure to obtain health care coverage will result in varying levels of fines that continue to increase each year.

Health insurance may be purchased through an agent, a private carrier or the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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