How will Affordable Care Act affect you? A Michigan Matters interview

As the clock counts down to the opening of the health insurance marketplace October 1, it can seem like there are more questions than answers about the Affordable Care Act.

Kirk Roy, vice president, Office of National Healthcare Reform, recently appeared on a special edition of Michigan Matters to address many of the questions he frequently hears.  He noted that many of the common questions, like can you still see your own doctor or how much will premiums increase, will be answered when the exchanges open.

With that in mind, it is still possible for people to prepare themselves to make the best choice for their insurance before October 1.  He advises people to identify where they currently get their coverage, then go to that source as one source of answers.  There are also tools from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan that can help explain many of the nuances of the Affordable Care Act.

For the full interview, watch the video here:


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