I Have Health Insurance, Now What?

I Have Health Insurance, Now What?

It’s true: managing a health care plan can sometimes seem overwhelming. There is always information being provided and confusing jargon doesn’t make matters easier.

Determining your enrollment status and identifying the resources you need are easy ways to move through a plan though. As you continue your journey in managing a new or existing health care plan, providers are also working to become more concise and transparent for your benefit. That’s why we’re here.

Since the close of the inaugural open enrollment period on March 31, Blue Cross has offered information and guidance to consumers to help them make sense of what they just purchased. Jeff Connolly, Blue Cross president of west Michigan operations, spoke with WKZO-AM of Kalamazoo on August 11 to help guide people on how to use their newly acquired health plan. Listen to the full radio discussion here. Photo credit: Ian Kelsall

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