Recognizing BCBSM’s Walk-In Customer Service Centers Around the State

Recognizing BCBSM’s Walk-In Customer Service Centers Around the State

Confused about your health insurance? Need help selecting and enrolling in a health insurance plan? Want to pay your bill in person?

While it’s great to have customer service representatives available by phone and email, sometimes it’s more helpful to have your questions answered through a face-to-face conversation. At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we get that. That’s why we established walk-in customer service centers across the state.

Your community office is there for you: to answer your questions, solve your issues and put your mind at ease. Walk-in center customer service representatives are trained to handle nearly every line of business that Blue Cross provides.

In 2013 alone, there were nearly 4,000 hours of training completed by our representatives. Most representatives also have an extensive history with the company making them friendly, understanding and knowledgeable.

Over the next few months, we invite you to take a virtual step into these valuable offices.

Each week, we will highlight one of our community service centers throughout the state. We’ll introduce you to the staff, let you know how to find each location and give you the typical questions our representatives receive at each location:


These walk-in centers are unique to the Blue Cross community, and we welcome our current and future members to stop by whenever you have questions or concerns.


Health insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a number of statewide walk-in centers with on-site service specialists to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Visit your local Walk-In Customer Service Center for specialized help or reference the Customer Action Center for online member support. 

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