BCBSM Walk-In Centers: Southfield

BCBSM Walk-In Centers: Southfield

The Southfield walk-in customer service center is a unique location to both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network.

Located at the Blue Care Network Commons, the center’s entrance is around the back of the building when you enter via Civic Center Drive. Directional signs will lead you around back where you can park in specifically designated areas and proceed to the BCBSM or BCN center. Both offices are located in a shared space near the entrance.

“A lot of people are surprised we’re here,” said customer service representative (CSR) Tina Jenkins. “They’re looking for Blue Cross, but don’t realize we’re in the Blue Care Network Building.”

Both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members use the center to ask questions and receive health insurance advice.

“We’ve had people come from all over: people from southern Michigan, people who work in the area, people from Livonia and Howell,” agreed CSR Jane Barnes. “They may not necessarily live in the area, but they come here because it’s closer than any other alternative and they love the one-on-one interaction. It’s easier for many people to sit and discuss things face-to-face with us as opposed to over the phone.”

photo 2 BCN walk-in center entrace facing South.
photo 4 The entrance to the center and a view into its space.
photo 1 Special parking is designated for walk-in customers only.


“We’re unique because we have BCN right here with us,” said CSR Denine Armstead. “Rather than having to sit and have other centers make phone calls to get things done or answers resolved, we have that right here.”

Additionally, Southfield’s walk-in center is used to serving the hearing impaired as well as other select disabilities.

“Two to three customers regularly come in and are able to read our lips and talk that way,” said CSR Jane Barnes. One of these hearing-impaired customer has had nothing but positive feedback.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to deal with smiling faces that are eager to resolve any problem put before them,” he said. “Each [CSR] has made a special effort to be sure I understand what is being said.”

BCBSM customer service representatives (from left) Jane Barnes, Denine Armstead, Tina Jenkins and Joanna Savoy (BCN).

BCBSM customer service representatives (from left) Jane Barnes, Denine Armstead, Tina Jenkins and Joanna Savoy (BCN).

General benefits inquiries CSRs here are used to every sort of request. Some of the most common inquiries they receive include:

  • Pharmaceutical coverage, especially among senior citizens
  • Premium payments
  • Claim inquiries
  • Living Well program specifics
  • Verification of coverage questions


Jenkins cited preparation as a huge part of the process. “If you have claim questions, come with your invoices. Bring your premium bills and insurance cards with you,” she said.

“Usually, there isn’t even a wait,” added  Barnes. “We’ve had people stay a couple minutes to a couple hours, but it does depend on the time of year.”

As with most walk-in-centers, repeat customers are common.

“They love it here, they love the personal contact,” said CSR Joanna Savoy. “I’ve had some return customers for years. Husband and wife pairings, families, I’ve helped many. I’ve cried with them, they’ve cried with me. It is personal.”

And given recent feedback, customers seem to agree.

“I appreciate the sharing of common interests with me,” said one comment card. “I am always pleased when I come into this office.”


Health insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a number of statewide walk-in centers with on-site service specialists to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Visit your local Walk-In Customer Service Center for on-the-spot help or the Customer Action Center for online member support. 


*Due to customer feedback confidentiality stipulations, customer names have been omitted from this post.

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