BCBSM Walk-in Centers: Flint

BCBSM Walk-in Centers: Flint

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Flint Walk-in Center (WIC) is a hidden gem in plain sight. Located within the Linden Creek Service Center at 4520 Linden Creek Parkway, on the East side of Linden Road, the office’s exterior is adorned with just the cross and shield logo and faces Linden Road directly.

Two customer service representatives (CSRs) currently man the center in addition to two insurance agents who sit in on a rotational basis. An additional customer service representative will also be joining the team before the end of 2014.

The exterior of the Flint WIC.

The exterior of the Flint WIC.

The Flint WIC was one of the first external offices for BCBSM. It now hosts two renovated agent spaces to provide service in different areas as well as strong partnerships between agents and CSRs.

Members of several major group plans, including the City of Flint, Michigan Public Schools and General Motors, are the primary visitors of the center but individuals are welcome too. The center also accommodates both Blue Cross and Blue Care Network related inquiries as well as Medicare Advantage questions.

“BCN members can certainly visit,” said CSR Jana McFarlane. “When they come here, we contact someone at BCN to help the customer with their issues.”

CSR Marti Schmehl will join the Flint WIC team in November.

CSR Marti Schmehl will join the Flint WIC team in November 2014.

Mondays and Tuesdays are said to be the busiest days in the office, as well as Fridays near 5 p.m.

“Normally there’s not much of a wait time,” McFarlane said.

Staff say they like going the extra mile and helping people organize whatever materials or concerns are brought to them anytime though.

” Jana has taken care of me for 21 years,” said one returning visitor. “I am so grateful for her kindness and help.”

The team also values the face-to-face relationships established with visitors.


The Flint WIC is a part of the Linden Creek Commerce Park industrial center.

“There’s an older gentleman who comes in every other Monday and I probably spend a good hour with him going over everything,” said McFarlane. ” He gets so stressed out on his own because he’s overwhelmed by the paperwork and processing. I help provide the EOBs [explanation of benefits] he needs and help him through it all. Some people don’t want to talk to anyone but CSRs in person and that’s what we’re here for.”

Customers seem to agree. “Kristy is a wonderful advocate for us,” one recently said. “She has resolved many issues that were very difficult and continues to help us every time we visit the office.”


Flint WIC CSRs Jana McFarlane and Kristy Raymer

And, of course, above all else, Flint CSRs aim to please. “We absolutely cater to customers’ needs and sometimes even spoil them,” McFarlane said with a laugh. “We do everything we can to get them what they need.”

“More often than not, customers leave much happier than they came in,” added McFarlane. “That’s us, it’s the personal touch. That’s the most important thing to us.”





Health insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a number of statewide walk-in centers with on-site service specialists to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Visit your local Walk-In Customer Service Center for on-the-spot help or the Customer Action Center for online member support. 

*Due to customer feedback confidentiality stipulations, customer names have been omitted from this post.


Photo credits: A Healthier Michigan

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