4 Reasons to Add a Flu Vaccine to Your Holiday Checklist

4 Reasons to Add a Flu Vaccine to Your Holiday Checklist

Flu season is here and if you haven’t already noticed the bug going around, you’re likely to very soon. In the United States, flu season commonly peaks during winter months. But it’s not too late to protect yourself.

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, this week’s National Influenza Vaccination Week is a great reminder to take action. Here are four reasons why you should check off getting the flu vaccine from your holiday list this month:

  1. The vaccine takes time to work: The flu vaccine doesn’t work right away. Experts say it takes about two weeks before you’re protected. So, get a flu vaccine before December 15 to be protected before the flu peaks in the winter months.
  2. Even some protection is better than none: Early data from the CDC suggest this flu season could be a potentially bad one because of different strains of the virus like H3N2. But despite news reports that the vaccine may not be effective, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden stresses that “even partial protection may be more important than ever.”
  3. Avoid being sick: The holidays are a time of family, friends, food and fun. If you don’t get a flu vaccine, you could be stuck spending your days in bed instead of enjoying time with loved ones.  Don’t miss out on the most wonderful time of the year when protecting yourself is very easy. Call your doctor to schedule an appointment for the flu vaccine and avoid being sick this season.
  4. The cost of not getting vaccinated is high: Research shows that each year the flu brings an economic burden of $87.1 billion to the nation. Of this amount, adults are hit with approximately $10.4 billion in direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits. By getting vaccinated you can avoid getting the flu and paying additional medical costs.

The winter months can be busy and stressful, but make time to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu. Common myths should not hold you back from avoiding very serious consequences.

Learn more about the flu shot and find a doctor who provides flu shots in your neighborhood by visiting bcbsm.com/preventflu.


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