FAQ Friday: When Will I Get My Membership Card?

FAQ Friday: When Will I Get My Membership Card?

Confidence comes with every card. That’s our promise to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members. After all, membership cards are loaded with some great perks, like worldwide access to medical care and local discounts.

Whether you have insurance for the first time or are continuing current coverage, you might have some questions about your card. Hopefully the FAQs below will give you the answers you’re looking for. Don’t see your question? Feel free to submit it in our Customer Action Center.

Will I get a new membership card?  

It depends. If you automatically re-enrolled or your employee benefits rolled over from the previous year, you will likely not get a new card. If you changed health plans, or are enrolling in coverage for the first time, you will likely receive a new card in the mail.

When will I receive my membership card? 

You’ll typically receive a new ID card and welcome message within two weeks after you enroll. Once you have your ID card, if you haven’t already, register for an account on bcbsm.com. It has many great resources and features for managing your account.

How do I get a new card?  

If your BCBSM or BCN ID card is lost or damaged, there’s no need to worry. Call the customer service number on your Explanation of Benefits statement. If you don’t have one, the right phone number for your plan can also be found here.

Am I still covered without my card?    

Yes! As long as you’re enrolled in a health plan, your coverage counts. You can use your virtual card via any smart phone or tablet by logging in to the mobile version of your account at bcbsm.com and tapping the card icon. When you’re waiting for your new card to come in the mail, you can always log on to your account on bcbsm.com or call us with questions or concerns.

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FAQ Fridays aim to answer common questions we receive. Submit your questions to the Customer Action Center. To get one-on-one assistance, call a health plan advisor at 855-237-3501 or visit one of our statewide walk-in centers.

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