Investing in Technology for a Healthier Michigan

Investing in Technology for a Healthier Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are making a significant investment in cutting edge technology – and more importantly people who will use that technology – to enhance the way care is delivered and connect people to information that will fuel better health care decisions. This larger, stronger, best-in-class IT team will help transform health care, a unique opportunity available to job seekers right here in Michigan.

For more than 75 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network have made a commitment to improving the health of Michigan’s residents and communities by increasing access to affordable health care and enhancing the quality of care patients receive.

Technology is essential to this mission. While you may know us as the state’s largest health plan, we’re also one of Detroit’s largest information technology companies. IT is our backbone and it supports everything we do – from operations, security and quality control to testing.

With rapid changes in both technology and health reform, it’s important that we continue to improve upon ourselves, constantly. Blue Cross has a renewed energy and focus in information technology, and we’re looking for the best minds in IT to join our team. Over the next several months, we will be expanding our team of experienced IT professionals and entry-level talent from top universities across the country. We want to continue to attract and retain top-level talent that is at the forefront of emerging technologies shaping the future of health care.

We’re looking for smart, driven professionals who want to work with us to positively impact not only our company, but the health and lives of the communities we serve across the state. Our significant investment in IT will not only transform our company but the entire industry. This is an investment in technology, an investment in people, and an investment in capabilities. And in doing so, we hope to further make a difference in more lives and leverage technology to make health care more efficient, effective and affordable.

If you’re interested in IT career opportunities, I hope you’ll explore opportunities to join our team by visiting There you’ll find more information on job opportunities and a link to an online application.

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