Be prepared for your vacation knowing you have access to a board-certified doctor at your fingertips - because travel sometimes doesn’t go according to plan.

3 Ways to Use Blue Cross Online Visits℠ on Vacation

You’ve been planning your summer vacation for months. You’ve covered all the bases and packed a sweater for chilly evenings, floppy hats for the sun, and bug spray. You even know where the closest vet is in case the dog gets sick.

But what if you suddenly don’t feel well on vacation? If you’ve downloaded the BCBSM Online VisitsSM app, you’re ready to meet online with a doctor. With Blue Cross Online Visits℠ you can get health care online 24/7, using your smartphone, tablet or computer, and avoid waiting in long lines and racking up an expensive bill at the emergency room.

Your primary care doctor is still your best option for treatment. Many have evening, weekend or online appointments. But Blue Cross Online Visits can help solve any minor illnesses or injuries you may come across on your trip, wherever you go. If it’s covered by your Blue Cross plan, a virtual visit costs the same as or less than a regular office visit.

Virtual doctor visits are your go-to service for when:

  1. You come down with a cold: Sitting next to a sniffling passenger on the plane? You’ll be prepared for any oncoming cold with Blue Cross Online Visits. No matter if you’re in Michigan or Montana, you can see an online doctor almost anywhere in the U.S. when you have a minor illness—from sinus infections to seasonal allergies—without having to miss any sightseeing.
  2. You sprain an ankle or strain your back: If you love an active and adventurous vacation, spraining an ankle mid-adventure could put you out of commission in a snap. Without being close to home to see your primary care, Blue Cross Online Visits can help connect you with a doctor through video chat to help. The average visit takes about 10 minutes, so you can get back to relaxing in no time.
  3. You develop a rash or get a sunburn: Camping and hiking lovers might find a mysterious rash that looks like poison ivy but you’re not certain or for those who love to sunbathe, a bad sunburn may keep you inside for a few days. Whatever the case, an online doctor can help you with injuries from rashes and redness to insect bites and burns.

Visit or download the app to use your online visits account from anywhere to get access to care when you need it. Have your Blue Cross or Blue Care Network plan information handy when you sign up and log in. If you have questions, call 1-844-606-1608 for assistance any time of day.


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