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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is Here for it All

For 82 years Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been a trusted partner to the people of Michigan, and we’re not about to back down now.

We’re here for it all: the times you cherish and the things you’d rather leave behind.

We’re here during the late nights spent tending to a sick loved one. Our 24-Hour Nurse Line can help you decide if you’ve got this under control, or you need to go to the ER.

We’re here in the storm of a global crisis expanding access to health care in the most critical of moments. Blue Cross and Blue Care Network are waiving all copays, deductibles and coinsurance for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to commercial members. Blue Cross provided no-cost telehealth services for members in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, and is covering all charges for COVID-19 treatment through September 30,2021.

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We’re here now just as we have been for the past 82 years, in a committed relationship with the Michigan communities we call home. We continuously fund efforts across the state to expand access and break down barriers to health care, and we work with doctors and hospitals to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of care.

This partnership we have with Michigan is built on a foundation of trust and experience.

We know our members want the best value in their health care, which is why Blue Cross offers online cost estimator tools so members can compare the bottom line for medical procedures, services and prescriptions.

Our members also want easy, simple and personalized experiences that make their health care coverage easy to understand and manage. That’s why Blue Cross offers a mobile app that allows members to find a doctor, view their claims, track their out-of-pocket costs and access a virtual I.D. card.

Putting our members and customers first is a part of what we do – and will continue to do, no matter what comes next.

We’re here for it all.


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