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Blue Cross Donates $1M for Michigan Dentist PPE Kits

To support dentists as they navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is donating $1 million to be used for emergency personal protective equipment (PPE).

The donation is in cooperation with the Michigan Dental Association.

The Michigan Dental Association will be using the funds to purchase PPE for free safety kits that will be sent to dentists across the state. The kits will include NIOSH-approved KN95 face masks, bouffant hair caps and disposable isolation gowns with cuffs.

The pandemic has increased safety protocols for dental staff as they work to provide a clean environment for their patients, which has added new expenses for dental offices. Now dentists and their staff must dress in full personal protective equipment and increase their disinfection procedures at their offices.

The free safety kits are available to any dental practice in Michigan, regardless of whether they are members of the Michigan Dental Association.

To register to receive a free kit, dentists must complete an online form at with the following information by Sept. 14, 2020:

  • Practitioner name
  • Dental license number
  • Shipping address of dental practice
    • Kits will not be sent to residential addresses or P.O. Boxes

Practices with multiple dentists much have each dentist complete the online form with their name and dental license number. For assistance completing the form, contact the Michigan Dental Association at 800-589-2632 or email [email protected]

Dental health is a critical component to the health of Michigan residents, and Blue Cross is committed to support local dental practices to help both the staff and patients feel safe and protected during visits.

This $1 million donation is one of the ways Blue Cross is proactively helping Michigan providers weather the economic storm of the pandemic. Other efforts have included leveraging existing relationships with primary care provider networks to meet their emerging needs, including telehealth support.

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