Doctors in full PPE talk with a hospital patient wearing a mask

Health Care Workers Reflect on Early Pandemic, Rising Hope with Vaccinations  

Eric Bielecki wearily recalls the early days of the pandemic as a nurse working with COVID patients. He was constantly worrying about finding, and reusing, PPE as well as being fearful of bringing the virus home to his family.

His father Benjamin, a retired police officer, now also works in a hospital setting. He comes into direct contact with local morgues and funeral homes, coordinating transport for the bodies of the deceased.

During the last year, he’s seen first-hand the most devastating effects of the virus. “It’ll put a scare into you,” Benjamin stated.

Being in the health care field, Eric and his father were both eligible to get vaccinated early on.

“I would’ve drove from Michigan to California for that shot,” said Benjamin.

For Eric, it was equally as important to get vaccinated to do his part to help move things forward, as it was simply to keep his family safe.

“The best step to get (the country) moving safely, is for everyone that can get vaccinated to get vaccinated,” Eric said.

In the meantime, the Macomb, Michigan, residents plan to keep wearing their masks, social distancing and following the guidelines keep themselves and their families safe.

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