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Tips for Taking Mini-Breaks  

Are you feeling drained or stressed? Consider taking a multidimensional approach to self-care.  

Self-care is any activity we do deliberately to take care of our health — mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and financially.  

One way to care for yourself is to take mini-breaks throughout the day. These brief getaways can support your well-being and improve productivity. 

Here are some activities that you can incorporate into your mini-breaks in a variety of areas to help you better address an issue.   


  • Write or illustrate your feelings in a journal. 
  • Spend time being mindful of your words and thoughts.  
  • Practice self-compassion. 
  • Reflect on things you are grateful for.  


  • Take 10 deep breaths.  
  • Teach someone a skill you are good at. 
  • Develop supportive friendships. 
  • Write three good things you have done. 


  • Talk a walk outside.  
  • Go to bed early. 
  • Dance to music.  
  • Eat quality food. 


  • Take time to note your beliefs and values. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Spend time in nature. 
  • Dedicate time for self-reflection.  


  • Get to know a new coworker or neighbor. 
  • Smile at a stranger. 
  • Spend quality time with family and friends. 
  • Write a letter to a loved one. 


  • Set up an emergency fund.  
  • Establish a weekly budget.  
  • Review your retirement fund.  
  • Track your weekly spending. 

Use the ideas above — or come up with new ones — to create a self-care action plan.  

If you are starting to get burned out, look for ways to relieve stress. Are there people you can depend on for support? Make a list of places where you feel happy and calm or music that helps you feel relaxed. Another technique is to use positive affirmations to remind yourself of your value.  

What are some other self-care activities you can do? If you need more, reach out to a friend or family member for ideas. Or contact a health care provider or a counselor for professional support.  

Learn more about taking a multidimensional approach to self-care in this Blue Cross® Virtual Well-Being webinar. You can also sign up for future employer-focused and general interest webinars here, where you’ll find past sessions and resources.  


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