Ancillary Products

The BCBSM Specialty Product Portfolio offers employer groups a full suite of benefits that are proven to attract and retain quality employees

Employer Group Product Offerings

Dearborn Group
  • Higher volume life insurance amounts can be purchased with guarantee issue
  • Accelerated benefits & life waiver of premium benefits built-in
  • Proven respectful and rapid payment of employee and retiree claims
  • Accelerated Benefit for nursing facility care or terminal illness benefits built-in
  • Riders that Offer Plan Design Flexibility
  • Premium rates and convertible to whole life
  • 10 or 20 year guarantee issue premium plans
  • Multiple vision plan options
  • The Blue Vision network provides access to the largest network of private practice eye care doctors in the industry
  • Ease of administration by integrating medical and vision plans
  • Member engagement and improved health through online resources and direct outreach to members at risk for diabetes
  • Flexible plan designs include passive, active and exclusive PPOs, voluntary options, as well as orthodontic and required pediatric coverage in small group offerings
  • Dentists can participate with us through our Blue DentalSM Tier 1 – Contracted PPO Network or our Tier 2 - per claim participation arrangement
  • Our expansive contracted PPO network lets members choose from more than
  • Integrated STD to LTD claim management
  • Disability Resource Services (EAP Program) & Partial Disability Benefit built-in
  • ‘Own Occupation’ to ‘Any Occupation’ transition
  • ‘Diagnosed as Totally Disabled’ and/OR ‘Show a Loss of Income’ Option
  • Extensive rider options to allow for rich and flexible plan designs
Dearborn Group
  • Telephone claim intake for ALL group sizes
  • Work Incentive, Worksite Modification & Survivor benefits built-in
  • Lump Sum payment option for maternity and other specified disabilities
  • Flexible plan designs offering monthly benefit options in $100 increments
  • Portable coverage with 3-month, 6-month, 1-year and 2-year plans
  • Utilizes total disability “own occupation” definition
  • Off-the-job and 24-hour coverage available
  • Competitive industry classifications
  • Worksite coverage allows Guaranteed Issue: $200 Daily Benefit Amount & Simplified Issue: $210 - $900 Daily Benefit Amount; eligible ages 18-85, guaranteed renewable for life
  • Worksite Coverage up to 35 days per year of inpatient hospitalization, includes up to 4 days of treatment in an observation unit
  • Worksite coverage has available rider options for more design flexibility
Dearborn Group
  • Guarantee option for groups with 2+ eligible employees
  • 24-month rate guarantee
  • Portability allows member to keep policy when changing jobs
Dearborn Group
  • Unique, affordable plan offerings
  • Payments made directly to the employee to use for any expense, medical or otherwise
  • Benefits are not tied to medical out-of-pocket costs
  • Guarantee issue and employees can still contribute to an HSA plan
  • Indemnity-based benefit payments (schedule of benefits)
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