Helping Your Employees Achieve Financial Freedom Watch the Webinar

Financial Freedom: What is it and How Can You Help Employees Achieve It? Learn at Our Free Webinar.

Some people may think of financial freedom as the ability to purchase necessities without concern, while others may think of it as the ability to avoid credit card debt or enjoy retirement without worry. For the nearly 80 percent of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, financial freedom may feel hopelessly out of reach. That’s why it’s important for businesses to empower employees with the information they need to figure out a path to financial freedom.

Led by Certified Financial Planner Jeff Rubleski and Christina Hix, director of specialty benefits at Blue Cross, the webinar teaches business leaders and HR professionals methods for helping their employees prepare for a financially-stable future.

According to a 2018 survey, 30 percent of Americans say they are constantly stressed about their finances. This, coupled with the fact that 71 percent of people do not have personal access to an extra $1,000 in case of emergency, shows how big the need is for personal finance education. Financial distress can impact businesses by reducing productivity and creating high turnover, making it vital for employers to educate their employees.

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This course is certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute® for continuing education credit and has been approved for one HR recertification credit hour through HR Certification Institute®.

This webinar provides insights into how employees’ financial distress can affect a business’s bottom line, discusses the most common financial challenges employees face, and gives employers guidance to help employees achieve financial wellness.

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