What is Employee Well-being and How Can it Strengthen Your Business? Watch the Webinar

What is Employee Well-being and How Can it Strengthen Your Business?

Employer-based health care used to be about offering employees and their families basic medical coverage at an affordable cost. Today, a health benefits plan has evolved to address  not only employees’ physical health, but also their mental, financial, spiritual and social health.

Led by Cindy Bjorkquist, Director of Well-being at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Laura Byars, Vice President of Human Performance, “From Wellness to Well-being – Trends in supporting employee health and happiness,” explores what well-being is, how it benefits employees’ comprehensive health, and how Blue Cross supports employers to focus on this concept.

In recent years, employee well-being has emerged as a new priority for many employers, with studies linking holistic care to reducing the risk of injury and illness, increasing productivity and performance, helping to lower employees’ health care costs, and boosting the company’s bottom line. And employer investment in well-being initiatives shows no sign of stopping, with 92 percent of employers expanding their well-being programs to include emotional health and 90 percent including financial education, as well. Moreover, the average employer spends a yearly average of $693 per employee on well-being initiatives, with this cost typically rising around $100 per year.

With stress causing more than 30 percent of U.S. employees to miss up to 20 days from work, it’s important that employers view the commitment to well-being as a contribution to the future of their employees and business alike.

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