4 Resources to Help You Better Understand Your Medicare Plan

4 Resources to Help You Better Understand Your Medicare Plan

Google “Medicare” and you’ll get more than five million results. That kind of data is, in a word, overwhelming. Not only is there way too much information out there, but it’s also tough to tell what’s true and what isn’t. So instead of doing a general search, head to one of these four websites to get the facts you need on Medicare.

Medicare.gov*: The government has the final word on all things Medicare, so start your research at the official website.  You can find out whether a certain test or service is covered, change plans during Annual Enrollment and find doctors that work with your specific plan.

Health Pocket*: Health Pocket uses government, non-profit and private data to rank health insurance plans available to all consumers. Additionally, they provide basic Medicare definitions and more insight into Medicare Advantage plans.

My Medicare Matters*: Run by the National Council on Aging, this site has advice on how to manage the cost of your healthcare, clear information on the different plans and something called a Medicare Quick Check. For that, you answer a series of questions and get a personalized action plan and resources for your exact needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: Medicare options vary depending on where you live, so residents of Michigan should get state-specific advice here. You can learn about the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, receive quotes for a wide variety of plan options with all the extra benefits including prescription drugs, fitness, dental, vision, hearing and more. Additionally, BCBSM plans provide nationwide coverage.

*Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan does not control this website and is not responsible for its content.  

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