Blue Cross’ Flint Walk-In Center Is Giving Localized Medicare Advantage Support a Whole New Meaning

Blue Cross’ Flint Walk-In Center Is Giving Localized Medicare Advantage Support a Whole New Meaning

Medicare Advantage coverage can be confusing. Whether you have questions about an existing plan or are looking to enroll for the first time, it helps to have a personal advisor walk through your options and find a plan that suits your needs. Which is why Blue Cross has staffed 14 walk in-centers located throughout Michigan with agents who can answer your questions and meet your needs. If you’re not comfortable with checking out plans online or talking through so many details over the phone, stopping by a walk-in center is a great alternative.

One of the primary centers offering specialized support during this year’s Medicare Annual Enrollment is our Flint location. In Flint, an increased number of staff and extended hours are helping bring walk-in center visitors detailed and personalized assistance. What does that mean for you? There is more one-on-one assistance than ever before to help you pick a plan.

But don’t just take our word for it. Flint walk-in center agent Cathy Levijoki wants you to know why she views her job as a passion and why you should visit the Flint walk-in center:

“I was born in Flint and raised in the Fenton area, so I understand the community as well as the residents. I have been working in customer service since I started college and love every moment of it. The job has helped me educate and assist customers with their health insurance needs, as well as help with issues on claims and billing.”

Levijoki is a state licensed independent agent and can assist potential customers with questions and offer suggestions on how to shop for a plan that fits their needs.

“As an agent, I’m committed to helping customers by explaining how a changing health insurance environment affects them and their families,” Levijoki explained. “I’m passionate about providing great customer service, explaining all possible options and helping answer questions in minutes.”

Jeff Rak, another independent agent at the Flint Walk-In Center, also loves that his career path is tied to the Flint community:

“I’ve been involved in local organizations such as Big Brother/Big Sisters, Old News Boys, the YMCA and a few others. Most, if not all, of my customers prefer face-to-face meetings over phone or internet interactions, so being a face in the community is significant.”

Perhaps most importantly, however, Rak values the personal, lasting relationships he has created with customers. “The best part of my job is the opportunity to build relationships with my clients. I have met many wonderful customers over the years and they become part of your extended ‘family.’ They put their trust in you, and that is a great feeling.”

Additional benefits to stopping by the Flint walk-in center include:

  • Personalized time with an agent who can analyze any and all paperwork you provide
  • Extended hours on Wednesdays, Saturdays and some holidays
  • Expert advice from experienced agents and representatives

Looking for more on Medicare coverage and where to go if you have questions? Keep reading:

  • Medicare 101: Understanding Medicare Plans A-D
  • Health insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network have a number of statewide walk-in centers with on-site service specialists to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Visit your local Walk-In Customer Service Center for on-the-spot help or the Customer Action Center for online member support. 

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