Addressing Myths About Virtual Health Care Visits

Julie Bitely

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In the last decade, technology has dramatically changed the way we shop, connect with friends and family, work and find information. Yet many people are still reluctant to access health care virtually, instead choosing to see their doctors in person. While an office visit is sometimes necessary in order to correctly diagnose your ailment, there are many situations that an online visit would be right for, allowing you to access care from the convenience of home. Still not convinced? Maybe you have some misconceptions about how online visits work. There are a lot of myths out there that might be holding you back. Here, we tackle the top six myths about virtual health care visits and explain why telehealth is a great option when you need care. Myth 1: It’s too hard. Nope. If you’ve ever ordered something online or chatted virtually through an app, you can do this. Just follow our step-by-step instructions to get started with Blue Cross Online VisitsSM. We also encourage you to ask your primary care doctor if he or she offers telemedicine, as many providers are adding that capability to their offices and would be happy to help you get set up. It might feel strange at first, but many people end up preferring virtual visits. Myth 2: Online doctors aren’t as qualified as my doctor. Not true. Although it’s ideal to first try to seek care with your primary care physician, using Blue Cross Online Visits is a smart choice when your PCP can’t see you right away. Each doctor providing online care is U.S. board-certified and specially trained to provide virtual care. They can help with colds and flu, eye irritation, mild allergy symptoms, and more. You can even access a visit summary to share with your primary care physician after you’re seen. Myth 3: I won’t be able to get a prescription, so what’s the point? False. The doctors you’ll see using Blue Cross Online Visits are able to prescribe medications for many diagnoses when it is safe to do so. Your PCP is also able to prescribe medications via phone or app, depending on the situation. Myth 4: It takes too long. Have you got 10 minutes? That’s how long an average medical visit takes once your session starts using Blue Cross Online Visits. A virtual visit with your PCP will likely take about the same amount of time it usually does, plus you’ll get back the time you would’ve spent driving to an appointment and sitting in the waiting room. Myth 5: It’s too expensive. Actually, the cost is comparable to a traditional office visit. For coverage details and cost, you can check your member account by visiting Therapy or psychiatry visits cost the same as your behavioral health cost shares. Having trained and qualified health care available at your fingertips can mean less out-of-pocket costs for some plans. Myth 6: My health information won’t be secure. Care received through Blue Cross Online Visits is secure and meets all privacy standards. If you are receiving virtual care through another method, ask your primary care physician or the health care provider you’ve made the appointment with to verify the security of the system they’re using – it should also meet all current security standards. No matter how you seek care, be your own health advocate. Make sure your providers are aware of any medications you’re taking and are up to date on your health history so they can best help you with your needs. Please note that plans vary. Check your individual benefits to determine if Blue Cross Online Visits is an option for you. Related:
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