Blue Cross Rewards: Shop, Save, Get Rewarded

Angela Hernandez

| 2 min read

A blue gift bag
Most of us don’t think twice about shopping for savings online, but what about when it comes to your medical care? What if you could earn up to $75? Starting in January 2019, eligible Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members* who have fully insured commercial PPO coverage will be able to earn e-gift cards by choosing cost-effective providers for select, non-emergency procedures with the new innovative Blue Cross RewardsSM program. Your employees have options when it comes to the locations they go to for different health care needs. For example, if a doctor orders a procedure such as an MRI, the cost of the procedure will be different depending on where it is performed. The Blue Cross RewardsSM program is designed to help members save, earn incentives and maintain their health. Savings like this also benefit the bottom line when your employees choose cost-effective providers. This in turn drives down claim costs for business owners and overall industry health care costs. More than 120 non-emergency services are available for price comparison and incentives including, but not limited to mammograms, ultrasounds, colonoscopies and sinus surgeries.


For Blue Cross commercial group PPO members, getting started with Blue Cross RewardsSM is easy and can be done with a few simple steps:
  1. Login to your account online or on the BCBSM mobile app
  2. Search for a reward-eligible procedure
  3. Sign-up for the reward
  4. Choose a location with the green trophy symbol, signifying a reward-eligible provider
  5. Make an appointment with that location for the test or procedure needed
Once the service is completed at an eligible provider location, and a claim has been processed, members will receive an e-gift card ranging from $25 to $75 in value; for a cumulative total of $550 per family member—per calendar year. E-gift card amounts are contingent on the provider location and the reward-eligible procedure. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to empowering customers with the information, tools and personal support to get the care they need, when they should, at the most cost-effective price. In addition to the Blue Cross RewardsSM program, members can use their online account to manage plan details, learn about benefits, coverage and more. Self-funded groups are encouraged to call their Blue Cross Sales Representative or Agent to check eligibility for this program. *The Blue Cross RewardsSM program is available to most commercial PPO group members. Photo credit: Marco Verch
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