Eliminate Four Health Care Concerns with Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO


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Offering health care coverage to your employees is not only a benefit to them, but also to you and the company. Having a healthy team keeps productivity high and employees happy as health care coverage is viewed as one of the most important employee benefits. Finding a plan that fits your employees’ is not always easy: the plan needs to meet employee’s needs while keeping rates low—something many business owners find is easier said than done. Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO can help reduce the stress you feel when selecting a health care plan for your employees. And it does that through savings and choice for your employee and you.
  1. Access to the best care. Your employees will have unique access to the PPO network at lower costs. The plan leverages Organized Systems of Care (OSCs). These are communities of doctors and hospitals within the Blue Cross PPO network who work together to provide the highest level of customized, coordinated care for each patient.
  2. Opportunity for lower costs. Many OSCs are designated as a Level 1, based on their level of care at the lowest cost -- to receive the lowest out-of-pocket costs you’ll select a primary care doctor in a Level 1 OSC.
  3. Staying with a preferred provider. Your employee’s physician may come with a Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO plan. There are currently 15,000 primary care physicians and specialists participating in one of the multiple Organized Systems of Care across Michigan. Blue Cross ® Physician Choice PPO is the first plan where members can choose to receive care within an OSC for lower out-of-pocket costs while maintaining access to the entire PPO network.
  4. Care that puts you first. You will help your employees get the care they deserve. Organized Systems of Care enable your employees to connect to a community of physicians and referred specialists that are awarded designations based on their level of care and affordability.
Choosing the right health plans for your employees can seem overwhelming. Learn more about the Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO plans, please visit PhysicianChoicePPO.com. For more information about the plan and offering it to your employees, see these blogs:®
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