313 is more than just Detroit's area code

Adriane Davis

| 2 min read

March 13 is an unofficial holiday in the city of Detroit, and many people have taken to social networks to help celebrate this day using different hashtags, one of the most popular being #313DLove. #313DLove is not only a hashtag, but it was also an event that brought people together to help celebrate their love for Detroit. Terry Bean, founder of #313DLove, wanted to spread positive messages about the city and brought in a panel of speakers who told their stories about making things happen in Detroit. Their stories were inspiring and impactful tales and touched on topics dealing with forgiveness, leadership, creativity, community and entrepreneurship. The diverse panel included people like Rod Hairston, CEO of Envision-U, Shawn Duperon, media coach, Menachem Kniespeck, founder and director of Michigan Friends of Education-Operation Kid: Equip, and Yisereal Pinson, executive director at Chebad of Greater Downtown Detroit. The panel of speakers excited the crowd and created an energy that will inspire a change in the conversation for Detroit. At 3:13 p.m., everyone in audience took to Twitter to tweet things they love about Detroit.
We are proud to be part of and serve the great city of #Detroit. Thank you for following us. Enjoy this special day! #313DLove — BCBSM (@BCBSM) March 13, 2014
As always, we are proud to be home in the D! http://youtu.be/7EFhPdolfvo
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